One of the most beautiful Ionian islands is Lefkada. Located in the west side of Greece you can find the picturesque island definitely worth visiting.

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This meal is so nice if you are of course a pasta lover! It’s my daughter’s favourite so I had to nailed it. It’s not very difficult to make it’s only that you need to use different pans for every preparation of food you need for that recipe but trust me it pays off!

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I am a huge Italy lover and I think that Italy’s culture is very close to my own. I have been to Italy many times as I really enjoy it there and I think that its a very welcoming and beautiful place. One of the most memorable times i visited Italy is the tour I made of Tuscany 3 years ago. I will try my hardest to take you through my experience in Tuscany and give you the best recommendations if you ever wish to visit.

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