My name is Jenny, and since i moved to the UK, 7 years ago I learnt to appreciate and enjoy the art of cooking. I am originated from Greece, meaning that I cook Mediterranean food from my home country. I didn’t only start cooking because I needed to cook for me and my family nutritious meals, it filled my mind and heart with happy memories, warming smells and all the happy thoughts I would like to keep and remind myself of as long as i’m away from my country. My aim is to indulge you to GReat flavors and try to present some of the most traditional Greek recipes but with a hint of my personal likings and an attempt to make cooking fun and approachable to all my friends in the UK as well as in Greece. All the pictures in my posts are captured from me! 

TrEAT Greek is not only recipes, but it’s also about some of my travellings and nice pictures I have captured that i would like to share with you. Thanks for stopping by!