Living in Stratford Upon Avon

For almost 4 years now   I have been living i in Stratford Upon Avon, Shakespeare’s home town . Located in the midlands, northwest of  London, one hour by train and about two-hour drive (depending on traffic you meet). Stratford is a very beautiful, relatively small town but you can find a lot of interesting activities to do.

The town’s treasure  is the theatre dedicated to Shakespeare hosts annual performances of the great playwright.Information on performances here I have watched many play myself: The tempest, Julius Caesar, Twelfth Night, and Romeo and Juliet.  In my opinion I think that, The Tempest was the most enjoyable to watch.

 The town  is very lively mainly because of the theatre. Every day you see people  strolling around town and having a drink or a meal before or after the theatre.  Of course as it is usual in the UK there are a lot of international restaurants in town. Many Indian, Thai, Chinese, but fortunately for us and a Greek restaurant with very good food which we  often visit for obvious reasons.

In the main street Stratford you can visit  the house that Shakespeare was born and grew up. A lot of schools from around the world come to Stratford to visit the home of the great writer. For more information you can take a look here Personally  I have not yet managed to go but definitely will do in the coming months. Very often in the summer various events are held at the home of Shakespeare in the back that has a pretty garden., 


However, even if you don’t know that you are in the birthplace of Shakespeare you can understand immediately. There is a Shakespearean  atmosphere around.


I like walking to town and it’s only a few minutes walk from my house.  Also cycling is a good idea! You can find  facilities for several sports because there is the leisure centre where there is a good size swimming pool, basketball courts and soccer course, fitness centre and various clubs.

The hotels in the area a lot. From old Tudor houses to modern spa. Very close to  stratford there are the Cotswolds villages.  Unique beauty and architecture Villages  where their special feature is the stone used in the construction of houses. Some very beautiful villages I have visited is the Broadway, Burton on the water, Chipping Camden but I will write in detail about the area in the next post.

I think a good time to visit the area is spring, summer and why not autumn!  Autumn is so nice in the area because the weather is still mild and the natural colours amazing!